Peace of Mind WarrantyTM

DIAMELIATM Peace of Mind WarrantyTM
(Lifetime Gemstone Coverage)

Why would anyone buy an alternative diamond without protection? It seems scary. Now you can buy with confidence. The DIAMELIA Peace of Mind Warranty actually covers damage or fading, etc... and you don’t need to pass the Bar exam to understand it.

Your gem is covered for its beauty and durability!
DIAMELIA’s hardness and durability are very similar to that of natural, mined diamonds. Yet even a mined diamond can be damaged when collided with a hard surface.

The DIAMELIA Peace of Mind WarrantyTM
In the unlikely event that your DIAMELIATM gem cracks, chips, scratches, fades, clouds, breaks or becomes in any way less than beautiful - DIAMELIATM will replace it for half price (50% of current value at the time of incident) plus $20 for insured shipping. Period. No fine print or mandatory staff reviews to see if it was your fault, or not. Our customers think this is great! It's like an insurance policy with a 50% deductible...with $0 annual premiums!

DIAMELIATM Peace of Mind WarrantyTM Process
In the event of damage, simply contact us for return instructions. Once we receive and review your DIAMELIATM, we will arrange a settlement for the replacement gem. If stone setting is required, we will make the appropriate arrangements as well.

Warranty Contact: 1-888-389-0889 -or- info@DiamondAlternatives.com