We are proud to provide Laboratory Grown, Man-Made Diamonds. These fine diamonds are certified 100% actual diamonds, 100% carbon and as glorious as any mined diamond...yet they're made by man. Technology has brought us to a point in time that we are finally able to re-create the natural phenomenon of natural diamond growth... made in a laboratory without disrupting the earth. Our Eco-Friendly Diamonds are certified, high-grade, affordable and now made available by DiamondAlternatives.com. These are truly mined diamond’s cost effective, Earth friendly identical twin.

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      -LG Diamonds have the exact same physical and chemical properties of their natural counter-parts.

      -100% Conflict-Free.


      -Expert Gemologist’s cannot tell the difference.

      -Considerably less expensive than mined diamonds.

      -Created in a controlled laboratory environment within just a few weeks.

      -Certified and laser inscribed for identification and Laboratory Grown Diamond authenticity.


Mother Nature, in all her glory, produces natural diamonds out of Carbon under extreme heat and pressure deep down in the earth's mantle at a depth of approximately 140 kilometers… And now imagine the newest natural diamond on the earth took a billion years to form. Laboratory Grown Diamonds are indeed identical in their chemistry. They look and act the same, cost less, take just a few months to make in a controlled environment. You can rest assured where they come from and that great care was taken to insure the environment.

Hmmmm …you now have a choice - Earth Mined Diamonds…or Man Made Diamonds for up to 75% less money!?

“The Choice is Now Yours” ~info@DiamondAlternatives.com

Man-Made, Eco-Friendly Laboratory Grown Diamonds - Another fine product from The Hansen family at Gold&Gems Fine Jewelry.

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