Man made diamonds and diamond alternatives are here to stay.

The DIAMELIA™ Gem (formerly DIAMONNA) is currently the #1 most diamond-like, warrantied gem brand in the world market. [Learn About Our New Name Here]. DIAMELIA Gems are laboratory-grown, extremely hard (9.25+), high grade colorless 4H SiC ( 4 hexagonal crystal structure Silicon Carbide ) jewels, precisely cut to ideal mathematical angles and polish for maximum diamond-like performance. DIAMELIA™ is grown Carbon & Silicon, then masterfully cut and polished. Should it be called "Premium Grade Moissanite?"...Well, we suppose Moissanite is Silicon carbide, yet Silicon Carbide is made over 200 different ways and "recipes. So, you could say that Diamelia™ is premium moissanite, but we'll intentionally avoid using the name moissanite due to its tarnished reputation from common grade moissanite material. Developed and controlled to be colorless and pure, The DIAMELIA Gem is a true breakthrough in diamond alternatives. Savvy buyers have consistently said that “DIAMELIA is better than diamond and the most diamond-like” option in the market. Simply put; DIAMELIA is the finest non-diamond Gem brand in the market today.

Developed and controlled to be colorless and pure, The DIAMELIA Gem is a true breakthrough in diamond alternatives. Savvy buyers have consistently stated that “DIAMELIA is better than diamond and the most diamond-like” option of any alternative on the market. Simply put; DIAMELIA is the finest non-diamond Gem brand in the market today.

To own a DIAMELIA is to celebrate that your gem has gone through multiple levels of scrutiny and quality control. We reject an average of 32% of finished gems. These rejected gems are pretty, but they are like common moissanite & don’t adhere to our standards of perfect purity, color, symmetry, cutting angles and overall dispersion performance. Developed for the desires of high quality consumers, only the cream of the crop are chosen for DIAMELIA™.

DIAMELIA aims to change the way we think about wedding rings and diamond jewelry. We believe that by replacing Earth damaging machines and poor labor conditions with clean laboratories and chemists will create a giant step towards our better future. The future of brilliant, diamond-like, eco-friendly, lifetime gems is now here with DIAMELIA ™.

Years of cutting edge research and development have finally brought us to this breakthrough for affordable, astonishingly beautiful engagement rings and world-class jewelry. DIAMELIA delivers pure, colorless, crystal clear E through I colors / VVS1-VVS2 premium grade gems of spectacular fire, beauty and durability. DIAMELIA gems are precision cut in a large variety of diamond shapes and sizes for an infinite amount of jewelry design possibilities, or delivered as loose gems. See the difference for yourself, we are a freindly family staff anxious to serve you with information, pricing and design customizations.

The DIAMELIA™ Difference

Why are DIAMELIA gems so much more beautiful than other gems on the market? The stunning, shimmering diamond like performance and extreme hardness of DIAMELIA is produced by the synergy between the high carbon crystals and our advanced, precision cutting.

DIAMELIA boasts a high concentration of Carbon (aka Diamond) and a unique crystalline / molecular growth structure. Our clean, pure, grown SiC (Silicon / Carbon) gems are brought to life using highly advanced cutting precision, and voila, DIAMELIA is born! A masterpiece of sparkling perfection to be loved & cherished today, and forever.

DIAMELIA Details, Features & Benefits:

  • Precision Cutting: Advanced cutting technologies allow us to deliver the most diamond-like, desirable gems in the world. DIAMELIA gems’ razor-crisp facet junctions, most notably the crown facets, are perfect. Our cutters use precise micro-finish techniques to make every facet finished to an infinite peak. This avoids the commonly seen facet junction reflection from less than perfect facet transitions.

    All DIAMELIA gems, both round and fancy, are cut to ideal proportions and finish. DIAMELIA round brilliant cut features our “Blazing Arrows” Hearts and Arrows pattern, cut to mathematical perfection to maximize dazzling light return, sparkle and spectral dispersion.
  • Color: E-F Colorless and H-I Near Colorless. Neither grade will ever contain unsightly yellow or greenish hues. “G” grade are under development and coming soon!
  • Clarity: VVS1 – VVS2 clarity based on GIA diamond grading standards.
  • Polish / Symmetry: Ex/Ex/Ex. (Excellent Polish / Excellent Symmetry / Excellent Proportions).
  • Optimal Tough Edge™ Girdle: (perimeter edge) thickness… the perfect medium.
  • DIAMELIA tests as natural diamond with the thermal diamond tester pens.
  • DIAMELIA is harder than Sapphire on the Mohs scale. Rated at 9.25+, only a mined diamond is harder.
  • DIAMELIA gems are more brilliant than 99% of mined diamonds.
  • DIAMELIA comes with a unique lifetime warranty free of limitations.
  • DIAMELIA comes with an official DIAMELIA Ownership Dossier to ensure authenticity, brand information and will arrive in unparalleled luxury packaging.
  • DIAMELIA gems' girdle is micro-laser inscribed for brand authenticity identification and consumer assurance.
  • DIAMELIA registers our owners in our database for continued product service and promotional alerts.
  • DIAMELIA is committed to meet demand as we work round the clock to produce perfect gems. We aim to ensure gem availability and short wait times for many cuts and sizes.
  • DIAMELIA employs only top tier designers, goldsmiths, platinum smiths and diamond setters to create your special piece.
  • DIAMELIA engagement ring and fine jewelry. All of our engagement rings and jewelry are carefully selected from world class brands. Our private collections of proprietary designs are hand-made by our master jewelers and setters, insuring meticulous perfection for your finished piece. Guaranteed.
  • DIAMELIA is a grown, crystal clear, non-coated, solid gem with high Carbon content.
  • DIAMELIA is not a natural diamond, but test as one & shows more brilliance than a mined diamond. It will last, and never fade.